About The Director

Children’s Chorus Director


Debra Basile

Debra Basile has been directing or accompanying musical productions and choral ensembles on the North Shore for the past 20 years. Over that time she has established a reputation for bringing energy, excellence and a sense of fun to organizations such as North Shore Music Theater, The Marblehead Charter School, Theater of Light and North Shore Children’s Theater. An accomplished musician and conservatory-trained pianist (The Manhattan School of Music), she has sung with Tanglewood Festival Chorus, the Spectrum Singers, and Cantemus, as well as with her rock band, The Mugfords. Debra currently directs the Lexington Chorale at Brookhaven, teaches at the Devereux School in Marblehead, directs music at North Shore Children’s Theaters and sees piano and voice students in her Marblehead Studio.

Although Debra has taught music (choral, piano, theory and history) to people of all ages in a variety of settings (schools, theaters and churches) her true love is working with children’s choruses: leading children to discover the joy of singing together, making a glorious musical “whole” that is greater than the sum of their individual voices.